Any One Have Any Info On The Dimond DA40?


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Hi, my mom's boyfriend wants to learn to fly now and is looking for an airplane to learn to fly in, but that can take us (4 of us) to nice places and has a good cruise speed. I was thinking the Diamond DA40, does any one have any information on this aircraft? Is it a good airplane to learn in? Can it haul 4 people around? Operating Cost?


EDIT: He's looking to buy it, not rent it, just in case you didn't get that.
I dont believe there is going to be many used aircraft for the DA40 since its a failry new design, i think. New its gonna range in teh 150K range. For that money you could get much more airplane. But anyhow, its a good plane, and will carry 4 folks. I cant remember for certain, but i think itll cruise in the 120's.
I heard 140 knots for the DA40 and 120 for the DA20. The reason he wouldn't want a Bonanza is because he has 0 time. He wants and airplane he can actually fly by himself when ever he feels like it instead of bringing mom along.
I honestly dont remeber, But i dont think it was 140 cruise, Maybe 130. But anyways, id say it would be a good buy for an easy and nice plane to fly, if money is not a problem. Nice instrumentation, stable, and easy to fly. Plus, with 0 time he'd save some cash on it being fixed gear, but still be able to go places without feeling like he's paddlin.
The -20 does 135 true (not bad for a fixed gear 125hp trainer!); and I *think* the -40 will do up around 145+
Go to for more complete info...

It is fixed gear and cruises at 145 kts on 10.5gph

Engine: Lycoming IO-60-M1A 180hp @ 2700 rpm

Length 8.00 m 26.3 ft
Height 2.00 m 6.6 ft
Wing span 12.00 m 39.4 ft
Wing area 13.50 m2 145 sq ft
Seats 4 4
Max. T/O weight 1.150 kg 2.535 lbs
Fuel capacity 155 l 41 gal
Fuel specification 100 LL
Useable load with fuel 300 kg 660 lbs

Takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle 350 m 1,150 ft
Rate of climb, sea level 5,46 m/s 1,070 ft/min
Rate of climb, 10,000 ft 2,81 m/s 550 ft/min
Cruise speed, 75% in 4,00 ft / fuel flow 270 km/h / 39 l/hr 145 kts / 10.5 gal/hr
Economy cruise speed (50%) in
10,000 ft / fuel flow 217 km/h / 25 l/hr 120 kts / 6.7 gal/hr
Stall speed 89 km/h 49 kts
Range (45 min. reserves) 1,100 km 600 nm