Any new word on ATA??


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I havent heard much about this school lately. Are they starting to get things cleaned up? I know they have had their problems but what is the deal with them now??
Just by chance what did you not like about them? What airlines are they using now and are they even hiring their pilots?

What I didnt like was mainly the attitude I got from thier marketing guy. He kept going on and on about how you dont have to be a CFI, and that American Eagle would be hiring by the time I finished the program. Eagle "was" thier largest bridge partner. I threw away the propaganda they sent me so I forget who else they say will hire you. (you can probably check that on the website) The facilities were very small and cramped, the dispatch area was kaotic, and the aircraft were very old, and looked it. I just didn't get a good feeling while I was there. But you should check it out for your self. I visited 6 flight schools, do that and I think you will find somewhere better to train.

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"American Eagle willl be hiring..."?

Wow, I bet that's news to the furloughs on the street from American Eagle!
Thats what I thought. The guy went on to say something about how the "flow through problem" would be resolved, and jobs would be available. I didn't quite understand what he was talking about, but I thought it was a load of crap. I thought flow through was good?

I imagine he probably meant that by the time you are finished training there, American Eagle will have recalled all of the furloughees and will be hiring again. IMHO, not very likely. It continues to get worse there. Another displacement bid came out last month. No plans on recalls. More plans on expanding the American Connection instead of Eagle. It is a mess. In short, don't count on Eagle at all for a long, long time. As for the flow through, I can't believe they're trying to sell that to students. Flow through is dead. Basically, the only people that will flow are the guys that already are jet Captains and already have an AA number. That's it, and even they aren't sure if they will be able to flow.
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Can you discretely send me a name/email address of the guy that told you that the issue is going to be 'resolved'"?

I really don't think AMR has any concrete plans on immediate recalls, and when they do, there's a pretty large cadre of experienced pilots that will backfill any openings until the industry picks up again...