Any Midwest Flying?


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I know everybody and their mother (as well as probably their grandmother) is looking or wishing for a job right now. I figured I'd ask the audience and see if anybody had any idea or leads on any places that might need an extra body sitting up front of an airplane in the midwest area. At this point, location is not the most important aspect, but helps. TT is over 135 mins, so anything that you think might have a nibble? Thanks!!! :D
If I were you, I'd be more flexable than just being in the midwest if you can. I had to move from Michigan where I grew up, to Texas, to Los Angeles and finally to Utah (commuted to EWR) for work.
Thanks for the help all. The midwest is just wishful thinking at this point. I'd "like" to stay around here but I know I might have to go east coast, west coast... south coast or even somebody else's coast to advice the way thing are now. Guess I was just hoping somebody had something that wasn't on all the big job websites :laff:.