Any information on Northwestern Michigan


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I posted earlier about a possible transfer to Northwestern Michigan college. If anyone has been to or has heard anything about Northwestern I'd appreciate hearing your opinions. Thanks for your help.
I took a tour there a couple years ago. I didn't end up moving to TC because of my work situation, but if I could have, I probably would have done it. They seem to have a good program and everyone I talked to was very friendly. Great area too! Before you do anything, take a tour and see for yourself. It is the best way.
I've made the transfer up to Norhwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI. I've now been here for 1 month and am already half way through my instrument rating even considering the winter woes of northern Michigan. I'd definitely recommend the school. Fantastic instructors, new building and classrooms, new Frasca 172 simulator, 3 new planes, and plans to purchase glass cockpit complex planes soon...not sure what company yet. I transferred here from the University of Illinois and this smaller school has far superior training in my opinion and the organization is better. Also, they are extremely flexible with the aircraft and trips. Students are allowed to take the aircraft any time they'd like, even for extended periods of time. Students have taken trips all over the country. Once a year in the winter they even fly all their planes down to Florida and to training flights down there to utilize the good weather and change of scenery. I'd recommend the school to anyone interested in a fantastic flight school in beautiful northern Michigan!
Glad to hear things worked out for you. It's a good thing you didn't come to Western! This place is the anti-flexable when it comes to flight training.

Let me know if you're ever down in Kalamazoo, I'll take you out to lunch!


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i actually just got a call to interview at western for a cfi position. pretty surprising because i didn't go through their flight program. i went through the aviaiton management.
That is supprising. I didn't know they were short on instructors here (though I'm not involved with the COA, so why would I?).

Let us know how the interview goes.
yeah i let you know. they are giving me a phone interview because i'm in florida right now. i planned on having to fly back but i guess it's not necessary.
NMC Open House

Northwestern Michigan College is hosting an aviation open house Saturday, April 17, from 11am-3pm. Anybody who is interested in the program or wants to see what the college offers should come check us out. It is a great program that continues to get better.