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hello all. i have a visit planned for this friday and was wondering if anyone out there could give me any info regarding off-campus housing. assuming that the visit goes well, i was hoping to find a place to live for the jan. start class. i would like to make the most of my visit and try and find a place to live as close to the beach as economical as possible. does anyone have any tips? if you have any other info/advice, i'm all eyes.
I'm also starting in January. They will give you an info packet on the tour, but their website has a PDF file that lists many apartments nearby. I've heard of students living near the beach, but the newspaper I bought when down there in June didn't have much for rent near the beach. It was summer, so hopefully January will not be so busy. There is also a "bulletin board" file (actually a shortcut on the desktop) on the library computers listing rooms for rent, furniture for sale, etc that I will check out when I arrive. I'm planning to stay in the on-campus apartments initially until I find a place off campus that I like. They are $480 a month, but are furnished, and are right on campus. Kind of like college. Are you staying on campus for the tour? I stayed in a bungalow, it was nice but had no kitchen. The bungalows with kitchens are $750/month!
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. It was summer, so hopefully January will not be so busy.

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When would you rather be in Florida? Assuming never is not an option, you'd probably choose January. I just got back from apartment shopping in Vero (I'm starting Nov. 4th) and it was sort of slim pickins. I did end up finding a 2bdrm. duplex for $625 that's a block over from Cantubury Place. It's got a yard and 2 bathrooms but unfortunately no dishwasher or washing machine. I found it in the newspaper and I think that other than just driving around (which I suggest) it's the best place to go. I wouldn't personally rent an apartment sight unseen. Several of the places that I drove by were instantly taken off of the list. I'm pretty spoiled by the Chicago archetecture; all brick, wood floors, high ceilings, so when I saw some of these painted cinder block squares I was a little disapointed to say the least. My new place has a grapefruit tree in the back though which is pretty cool...
This link is on the FSI page, but here it is again. It's the link to the classified section.

Treasure Coast Classifieds

Angela Shaw suggested to me to look in the South Beach area which is pretty cool if you want to live near the ocean, but I didn't find anything when I was down there. Nice area though...

I flew back to Chicago for a wedding last night, and boy my arms are tired. Thank you I'll be here all year, try the veal. Seeya in November!

thanks for the info fellas. i am staying in the dorms on my visit...if all goes well, i'll drop my deposit then and get the ball rolling on the final details for the jan. class. we'll see how this weekend fares. i don't anticipate any doubts...cheers
Florida Apartment Club is one and a half miles from the beach. They are probably the nicest in Vero and also a little more expensive. I lived in Canterbury Place the last time I was here. It was Ok. There is also a place called The Fairway's which is pretty nice. Both the Fairway's and Florida Apt. Club start at about $760.00 for a one bedroom. Get a roomate $885/2 bedroom. Good Luck
Get on the housing early and you will find some options. I set up housing in November for a late January start last year. I was able to find several options that would allow my 70-pound dog. It did take a bit of work and driving around. There were lots of crappy places so you really have to tour about and look at stuff. Last season there were a whole bunch of house options if you had no pets and most were very affordable (2-3 bdrms $500-$700). The housing at FSI is way over priced. I would use it only in an emergency as you look for another option.

P.S. I found that the houses were usually a better deal than apartments and many would do leases under a year.