Any German WWII enthusiasts?


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My great grandfather was in the Luftwaffe in WWII. From what I understand of the pictures I took of his Flugbuch, he was in the Junkers 88 during the Battle of Britain. It would be a great personal favor to myself and my grandmother if there was some translation of the logbook. She can still speak German, but her sight is poor and reading it is virtually impossible.

Please PM me if you think your up to the task.

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I know just enough German to get myself in trouble, but I'm pretty sure I know a forum where there are guys who not only know German as native speakers, but are also huge WW2 nerds and would have a great time trying to help. If you like I would be happy to put you in touch. Lemme know.


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Reading a really cool book right now. It's called, "The German Aces Speak," by Colin Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis. It's first hand interviews with Galland, Krupinski, Neumann, and Falck. Very interesting, especially their stories about interacting with Hitler and Goring.


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I really appreciate everyone who has PM'd me regarding the logbook. Also, I think its awesome that some people still care about that history. I have been talking to a few pilots who think its definitely cool, but have no further interest.

On another note, a family member flies warbirds for some of the flight museums and I was able to taxi a P-51 this weekend. I just gave it a touch of throttle and she moved without a hitch. 1600HP is pretty sweet!


I posted up a bunch of pics from my father here last year or so. He was a waist gunner and radioman in B25's and B26's. Loved his stories when I was younger, but he quit talking about it before he passed. I did get a chance to see what was left of his base at Great Dunmow when I was working int he UK though.

I have the rest of his pictures now, just need time to scan them to preserve them.

Very cool stuff, hope you get it translated!