any fligth instructor job in San Diego, LA


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i have move to San Diego at this time
i will like to ask for anyone who know any flight school need a flight instructor for part time around San Diego and LA


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There is a school at KSEE that deals with foreign students, namely Indian....but I don't know the name.


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are you talking the school call scanavia
im working there at this time, i would like to get another part time
if anybody know any of it, that will be great.
i do need another part time at this time


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Try talking to Pat at Jeans Flight Training. Very nice aircraft, nice environment, plus freelancing you can get paid the full amount not what Scanavia pay you :p

You could also try freelancing at Plus One but I am not too fond of them. There is also Anglo American or whatever it's gonna be called they were hiring last week.