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I just got out of active duty and Im going reserve. How many years are the commitments to the reserves? Also whats the deal with the Reserve GI Bill? I already have the active duty GI Bill so is the reserve one on top of the active duty one? If anyone can help me out Id appreciate it, the recruiter Im dealing with is an idiot, he's new. Thanks
Adam, its been awhile since I left the military service but I had joined the reserves after active duty. I don't how long you have been in active duty but when I was in the reserve the amount of time you are required to stay is based upon your total commitment to the Air Force. I.e. when I was enlisted you had four years active duty and four years inactive committentment. If you were delayed enlist before going active duty, those days counted towards serving as inactive duty. For example you had 3 months delayed enlistment and 4 years active duty, then your reserve committment is 3 years and 9 months. Just like active duty, once you get closer to seperation they will ask if you want to reenlist. If you want to seperate early from the reserves you have to ask permission from your commanding officer. If they approve then you will be transferred back to inactive reserve and complete your time their. I had left the reserves early because I was going to school in Florida and my reserve unit was at Andrews AFB MD. The commander allowed me to fulfill the rest of my requirement in the inactive reserves.

If your coming out of active duty and have completed your 8 year committment, then you will enlist for the time period they offer. This is what I dealt with back in 1992. Hopefully someone with more current info can help.
I don't have any experience active duty but my cousin a couple years back went active duty enlisted army even though he had his degree. He took the student loan and gi bill and then got out went to law school and essentially came back reservist and "double dipped" into the college money again. Not sure if that is still current. If it helps any I just enlisted ang four months ago and signed up for six years to get the reserve gi bill + kicker and the 5grand bonus ($32.47 after taxes). I am sure you can sign on for less (4 years) if you forfeit the perks.
good luck

I know...MSgt Jones just PCS'd and this new in-service recruiter is a tool
. I'm on terminal leave now and report to the 76th ARS on October 1st. I went through all the paperwork already and have the answers (GI Bill, Enlistment Bonus, Commitment...etc). If anyone else on this board has a question post it here, but for Adam, gimme a call after you check your PM inbox.
Ha, thats funny cause I just called him today and he is a tool!! That MSgt Jones is an idiot to cause from the way it sounds he just took off and left this other guy to figure stuff out on his own. I got your message Ill get up with you, probably Sunday.
Answers from the Veterans Admin


I asked the VA a few specific questions, you might be interested in what they have to say:

<font color="white">BACKROUND:</font>
I am currently active duty and qualify for full GI Bill benefits under Ch 30. I am enlisting in the AF Reserves for 6 years and will also qualify for Ch 1606. I have also contributed $600 to the "buy up" program. I will also receive a $350 "kicker" bonus for enlisting in the AFRES.

<font color="white">QUESTIONS:</font>
1) Am I entitled to full benefits under each program or do I just receive 48 months of benefits?

2) If I only receive 48 months of benefits, will the “kicker” remain in effect for all 48 months or just 36?

3) How will the "kicker" affect my entitlements if I use the GI Bill exclusively for VA Approved flight training?

4) How will the $600 "buy up" contribution affect my entitlements if I use the GI Bill exclusively for VA Approved flight training?

<font color="white">VA's ANSWERS:</font>
You can get 36 months under Chapter 30 and 12 months under Chapter 1606 for a total of 48 months. Your kickers will be paid for the first 36 months - they will not carry over to months 37-48.

As far as the flight training goes - for every $900 MGIB + $150 (BUY UP) + $350 (kicker) = $1400 you are paid, you will use one month of benefits. On 10-1-03, the MGIB rate increases to $985. The other rates will remain the same throughout your 36 months.

Please make sure the flight school you choose is VA approved before you commit to it. Also, you have to have your private pilot's license and VA only pays 60% of the total cost. You are responsible for the balance.
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Now if they say they pay only 60% of flight training does that mean that I won't get the full $1250 every month, will i just get 60% of the amount I spent on flight training for each month?? , I didn't know about the $600 kicker program, so I missed out on that, which sucks. Ill probably sign for 6 yrs to get all the added benefits and bonuses. . What are your plans when you are separated?
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Yeah, unfortunately the only way you can collect the full $1,250 is if you go to a degree program, like Westwind or Mesa. They will only pay 60% of VA approved costs, but you can use your 100% Tuition Assistance for ground schools.

I don't want to bring flames to this post, but I'm split between Flight Safety and Ari-Ben. I understand that the training/facilities/local area is better at FSA, but the cost/multi-time/instructor wait time makes Ari look more appealing. I'm thinking that a tour will fix all that.

My new boss at the 76th said that I need about one month (October) to get recurrent and back up to speed in the KC-10 again, plus I could use a nice Pacific TDY or desert run (tax break) before I'm off to school. All that being said, I'll be in Florida in November to finish flight training to my MEI/CFII/CFI, then finish my Pro Aero degree with ERAU while I instruct.

What are your plans? Are you going back to hydro at the 514th?
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Okay it all makes sense now. My plans are to first finish my private (only a few things left before the checkride), work on my pro aero degree at mcguire. My priority is going to be the flight training, I want to get to a point where I can get paid to fly and start building hours. Do you have your instrument and commercial? Where did you get it at. Right now Im at a stand still cause Im hunting for a job, but as soon as I get rolling I want to really start going on the flight training.

And yes Ill be a hydro troop!
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Why get a job??? You can collect unemployment compensation while you go to a part-time school (eg. flight training), and it's more than enough to live on while you're away at school and serving in the AFRES. If you have kids or a mortgage it'll be difficult, but I'm not dragging any baggage down to Florida so it should be a bit easier.