Any colleges that offers B.S in Aeronautical Science w/ a flight option??


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HI. Does anyone know of any universities that offer a Bachelors Degree with a flight option. I have found two with such an option but I need to find some more if possible. The two I know of are Embry Ridlle and Florida Institute of technology. Can anyone help me out here?
Check out these school web sites: U of North Dakota, St. Cloud State Univ., Minnesota State Mankato, Purdue, Daniel Webster College, SUNY Farmingdale, Dowling College, Metro State college of Denver, Kansas State, RPI, Princeton, or Penn State.
Thanks for the site but I need a university that allows me to gain a degree and earn my flight hours simultaneously, like Embry Riddle.
Thanks for the site but I need a university that allows me to gain a degree and earn my flight hours simultaneously, like Embry Riddle.
These schools do allow you to earn a degree and earn flight time simultaneously: UND, Purdue, St. Cloud State, Minnesota State Mankato, Ohio State, Ohio U, Western Michigan, SUNY Farmingdale, Metro State of Denver, Kansas State, and Daniel Webster. These are the only ones I can think of, but there are more out there.
It looks like Shawn has provided you with a pretty good list of places to get you started. I will go one step further, the Purdue site can be found at .
I enjoyed the program when I was there. I only wish I had graduated when there were pilot jobs available. Now I am trying to break back in. But, Purdue has been very helpful and supportive to this ol' Alum.
Be well and fly safe.
Don't waste your time with SUNY Farmingdale. I'm based out of the same field they operate out of. I work at the flight school they rent from. Not a great program.
Hey spitball,
One thing I might add as you consider your school of choice, since you indicate that you want to get a four year degree while you get your ratings. Try to remember, wherever you go, you are going to be there FOUR years. In addition to the education, college can truly be a GREAT experience. I peronally would not care to go to some out of the way 4 year school unless they had a fantastic program at a phenominal price. As I said, I went to Purdue and the experience at a Big 10 school (or any other major conference) is beyond words. Some people prefer the smaller schools but, I believe that at least subconciously, if you have a major university on you diploma, you do sometimes have an advantage in the job market. Not to mention the campus life. For example, Purdue has been to a football bowl game the last 4 years and on Jan 1st will play in the Rosebowl (Go Boilers!). Indiana is a big basketball state and the college basketball is great. Additionally, you can find nearly any organization or club on a major campus... not so at your smaller schools. If you are into playing sports yourself, the student gym at Purdue is amazing not to mention the intermural sports programs. There is everything from flag football leagues to fencing clubs.
In summary, if you truly are interested in a four year degree, why not check out the large university programs. You are already commiting to a 4 year "hitch". Why not pack as much into it as you can. As they say "Youth is wasted on the young!" Don't waste yours! I didn't (and still am not!)
Good luck!
Be well and fly safe.
why don't you look at the spartan school of aeronautics? it's not a university, but it does offer a bachelor's degree. check out the web page: - let me know what you think or if you have any questions, check out my post about spartan in this forum.

Thanks for the info on Spartan. I have recieved an information pack from them. But Im still not sure about the Bachelors Degree. Do they offer a degree in Aeronautical Science degree??
Oops, can't believe I missed this message for so long. You may also want to check out Middle Tennessee State University. . The web page is a mess right now, but you can still follow the email link and get some info sent to you.
I have piggy back what eas said about Purdue.

While around 40,000 students attend Purdue, it really doesn't feel that way. You're grouped by major and are almost always in classes with those people. It's like having 5 different colleges on the same piece of land almost. You'll get that small college feel at a Big 10 college campus.

To be quite honest, when I first came here I was a little surprised at the number of people here (I come from an extemely small town in Massachusetts) and I thought I wouldn't like it. However, I've found everyone to be really nice. The teachers make it a priority to make sure that you pass (everything up to padding your grade, you still have to earn that) by giving you their home phone number, office phone number, email, holding office hours, and even holding study sessions.

If you want to know anything more about Purdue... shoot away!

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Thanks for the insight purduepilot, I just recieved an information packj from PUrdue. But unfortunately they say the havfe a November cut off date for Aeronautical students so I guess theyre of my list.
I am looking at the following : Embry Riddle, Florida Institute of Technology, Jacksonville U, and Spartan any comments about any of them. I would really appreciate anybodys comments on Jacksonville and Florida Tech.
Thanks for all the replies.
Hey Spitball. I am at Ohio State right now and it isn't too bad. The only thing about OSU is it is a 5 yr. program but I am transferring after spring. Anyway about the schools you asked about. Florida Tech is a VERY nice school. I visited the school in 98 and I was very impressed. They fly low wing aircraft (piper cubs, arrows, etc.) and their staff is excellent. They are very serious about getting things done there and the professors will step out of their way to help you any way they can. They also have an internship with FedEx since it is based at Melbourne Int'l airport as well. Very nice facilities. Spartan, my 1st cousin graduated from their and he is a 1st officer for CoEx right now. Graduated with an associate degree and about 1500TT and 200ME. He was in and out of there in 21 months but only had AS degree. From what I hear they are having problems out there right now with overcrowding so you may want to keep that in mind. Embry Riddle is also a nice school. There facilities are well maintained and staff is very friendly. I have another cousin who graduated there last year and he is a flight instructor there right now. I'm not sure about internships through them though, I haven't heard. I hope this helps you out a little bit and sorry it's a little long. Good luck with your decision and most IMPORTANTLY, where ever you go have fun with it. Flying is not fun if you don't enjoy the time you're in the sky. Fly safe!
Thanks for the reply CareyC. Im gonna go with theses three FIT,Embry Riddle, and Jacksonville.
I have one more query concerning job opportunities in the states for innternational students. The instructors at my flight school say it is pretty hard for a an international pilot to stay in the states to fly.
Any opinions?
SCCC in Upstate New York. VERY cheap and done by Richmor Aviation. You can get an AS in AV Science...then have gauranteed transfer to ERAU, Dan. WEb...and more. Tuition is $1,330/semester. Can't beat that...then the guarenteed transfer....of course that doesn't include flight lab fees.