Any August 27th starts for Pan Am??


Fetus Worshiper
Anyone out there starting at Pan Am, Ft. Peirce, in the August 27th class? I know there are at least 11 others out there, If you are let me know. It would be nice to meet up with a few people, being in a new place and all.

Doug, (AKA the Turk.)
Thats what Michelle Vogel told me when I did the tour 2 months ago. 10 starts (11 including myself) 8/27/02 and another 12 starts 9/24/02. I think they are all starting in the PPL class. There may be more starting in Instrument, or higher ratings, but I am not sure about that. Dakovich, are you surprised there are that many starts?

The Turk.
not really surprised, seems like theres only been 5-6 new starts every month.even less some months. heard that some of the other schools in the area were at the same number for new starts, so i'm actually really glad to hear those numbers.
Hey dakovich and Turkey,

How did you guys end up on deciding to goto Pan Am? What other schools did you look at? I'm thinking of going there myself, just want to see why you made the choice.

The main pluses I see are the ACE program, working there as a flight instructor and garenteed employment with a regional. Plus I think Pan Am also provides training for the airlines themselfs as well. They also run GA flight schools under a diffent name I think.

Anyhow your ideas would be apreicated, I haven't had a chance to visit any of the flight schools in person.
Here is the plus' and minus' of pan am based on my limited experience.

Great planes and maintenance
CRJ training device
Quality instruction
A lot of guys getting hired

Separation of student body and administration (don't have a voice)
Cost overruns.
Inflexibility (you signed the contract)

All in all, I have had a good experience. I would say that I have had more fear of bad things happening then actually having bad things happening to me. cost overruns seem to be consistent in most flight schools. The main difference is that pan am rates are so close to the maximum available in loans. If you plan to go to panam plan on 65 to 70k unless as they say you are "gods gift to aviation".
the whole thing with guaranteed employment thing is after building 800 hours if they don't help you get hired they will reimburse your ACE tution which is close to $8,000. thats how that works in a nutshell.

things that brought me here:

the new aircraft and facilities, the CRJ glass cockpit training, the crew training, and the route program in the new piper seminoles. 99.9% of the instruction has been great in my opinion, and i'm pretty much on path to finish a bit under the $60k. the only way i see that you'll really go over on cash is if you don't/won't/or can't study effectively. flying is the easy part, acedemics are where people screw themselves.

i'd agree with fukoki's statement about the administration and student relationship. it is horrible. there is no student government body to be had, so there is no contact between the students and the people making some really strange decsions, in my opinion. hopefully that will change soon.

so, i've had a great expereince thus far. gotten along great with the staff and students, and i'm really looking forward to finishing the rest of the program.
Today, August 28th, 2002 was my first day at Pan Am. I signed on the dotted line. I am starting a new thread to document my experience here at Pan Am. (like Dakovich)
Look for it.

The Turk