Antidepressants when younger??


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Hey guys, just wondering how much of a hassle would being on Lexapro from 18-21 would be on getting my 1st class medical. My Dr prescribed it to me after going though a tough time during those years. While now I wish I would of not even started them in the first place I fear it might be too late. I was on it for just over 3 years but haven't taken them for 6 months now and don't plan on taking them again. I'm just finishing up college and taking going for my PPL but it'd be nice to know before I decide to go even deeper. Thanks guys!
Since you have not taken the Lexapro for 6 months you may apply for regular issuance and do not at this point need a HIMS AME. Did you stop taking the medication on your own or did you stop it under the supervision of a physician? Either way you will need a favorable report from your treating physician documenting stable mood off of the antidepressant. Because you took the medication for three years there is a good chance the AME will defer your case to the FAA. To prepare for this you should have all of your psychiatric treatment records available; in fact it is possible that if you have them readily available and can find an AME that will discuss your case with the regional flight surgeon beforehand you may avoid a lengthy deferral. If it does get deferred try to get ahead of it before your file ends up in Oklahoma City. Call the RFS (regional flight surgeon), have your records available to FAX to the RFS, and plead your case. In these cases the more proactive you are the faster the process usually goes. If you wait for letters from Oklahoma City it will take awhile.

Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated AME