Another Waco Bites the Dust!


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1941 Waco UPF-7: Pilot unhurt when biplane crashes in Wisconsin field

JIM FALLS, Wis. (AP) - A pilot walked away unhurt after his plane crashed nose first in a field near Jim Falls in western Wisconsin.

Authorities say David Worgernese, of Eau Claire, was piloting the biplane when it developed engine problems Monday afternoon

The Chippewa County Sheriff's Department says he attempted to land in a hay field just after 1:30 p.m. when the plane clipped a corner post of a fence.

The plane was identified as a 1941 Waco UPF-7 single-engine biplane.


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Airplanes can be rebuilt, people can't. That's all that matters in the end. It also says something for the Waco that the guy walked away.


Waco's are as big as Stearman's and generally as "tough". The guy who ended up with my Grandpa's YPF-7 (a UPF-7 except with a Jacobs instead of a 220 Continental) had an engine failure somewhere around Sedona. Really limited options for a forced landing, lined up on a road and successfully landed...but then hit a fence post with the lower wing. I think sometimes you're just screwed no matter what. Anyway - sounds like the guy did a fine job, save the fence. With the limited visibility in these things I can see how things like that would happen.