Another Vegas Crash!!!


Man, RIP to the pilot. I can only imagine now the knee jerk reaction that's gonna follow this.


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I heard this on the radio on my way to work and saw the smoke from the freeway. RIP
What is going on here?


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Re: Another Vegas Crash

The only way to NOT crash airplanes is to not fly them. Accidents happen, and will continue to happen.

I too am nervous about some of the local government wanting to close and/or limit the amount or type of flying at VGT (North Las Vegas). The airport is surrounded in all directions by homes. It is vulnerable to this type of takeoff or landing accident.

Anyway, Godspeed to the two pilots and two homeowners that were killed this week.



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It's interesting how this thread hasn't turned into a planes crashing into homes argue-fest.
Two factors, as ridiculous as they are, contribute to this.

1. Only the pilot was killed
2. The plane wasn't "experimental."

Ever notice on the news that if people on the ground or passengers are killed, then the accident makes the news for a week. As soon as they find out that only the pilot was killed, it is quickly dropped.