Another Private Pilot


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I forgot my manners, I've been a private pilot for 3 months and haven't posted since.
I just wanted to say 'thanks' to the forum for all the great info. I really enjoyed the video of the oral portion of the check ride posted elsewhere. My examiner was eerily similar to the one in the video :eek:
Biggest problem for my check ride was weather. I had to re-schedule 4 times due to low ceilings/visibility. When I flew, I was still bumping up under clouds to get enough altitude for manuevers. No matter how prepared I was, I still didn't get much sleep the night before :insane:
I've already taken the wife to Montgomery Regional just to have lunch w/ friends. It's tough ponying up the $$ for a couple hours/month, but it's a dream-come-true for this 41 year-old family guy. The kids should be worried; their college money is in jeopardy if I find a nice RV!

Safe Skies!