Another plane crashes at my home field (JYO)


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I just found out that a 2002 Mooney crashed last night 1/2 mile from the runway while attempting to land. The pilot was killed and 25 people in the neighborhood had to be evacuated.

This makes 3 fatal crashes in 7 months. This after many many years of accident-free operations.

What is up with this bad luck lately. How can we make it go away?
Don't know the answer to that question Mahesh other than to say that we make sure that it never happens to one of us.

Sad to hear about the unfortunate accident. My thoughts go out to those affected.
True ready2fly. I guess these things are a part of life. All you can do is do your best to be as safe and current as possible so that you minimize the risk to yourself and others.
It just seems like the last 2 years have been continous bad luck.

I know how you feel Mahesh, we lost one of our 182s last night. All of us pilots are feeling pretty numb around here. It's not a good feeling. Amazing how much more it affects you when you are a pilot.
Yeah! The crashes plus the ADIZ, having ot constantly listen to 121.5 etc ... I wish things were back like thye were 2 or 3 years ago.

That really sucks that a 182 crashed near your airport. I give my condolences to the family of the lady killed and I hope the guys recover quickly.

You know, I am going to have to do some looking and see if GA accident rates are going up for some reasonb. I am thinking it has (unfortunately) been happening all this time, I just haven't noticed it or heard about it.