Another Pilot Professional Statistic


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At least we are safer drivers:

Who gets in the most accidents
Top 5 occupations Accident rate* Bottom 5 occupations Accident rate
1. Student 152 36. Homemaker 76
2. Medical doctor 109 37. Politician 76
3. Attorney 106 38. Pilot 75
4. Architect 105 39. Fireman 67
5. Real estate agent 102 40. Farmer 43

*Average for all occupations was 89.
Source: Quality Planning Corp.


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Thats because all pilots are so rich they don't have to drive themsleves on the 21 days a month they don't work...

Right Doug???


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Is that politicians with or without Ted Kennedy?

[/ QUOTE ]

Good one.
And I think Alaska kills almost half the pilots in that statistic or something.


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LOL. I'm an insurance consultant. I also teach classes on insurance to other insurance professionals and that's the picture they use for my bio page in the book.

Didn't think about it looking like a political mugshot. Maybe I should run for office, hmmmm?