Another LogTen Pro Thread...


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So, after using the search function, I seemed to be unable to find an answer to my set of questions so I decided to make a thread.

I will be getting a Mac pretty soon(for those of you Mac Haters, please dont tell me reason why not to get a mac) and am planning on switching over to an electronic logbook with my paper logbook as backup. The LogTen Pro seems like a good application, but would really like some good answers:

1-How much utility, usefulness, have you been able to squeeze out of this program?


3-Are there electronic logbooks that are better (if possible, without bias answers)

4-Would it be better to enter every entry from my first intro flight till now or just make a new entry from my current times and then start from there?


KC Jake

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I have a mac and I use It works really well and it's FREE. You can view a map of every flight you've ever taken (only if you put each one in). Plus, it automatically fills out an 8710. I also have it set to e-mail me a spreadsheet of my logbook every two weeks. That way, I have a permanent, relatively recent copy if the website ever disappears.


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I am running LogTen Pro on my Mac and using the Mobile app for my iPhone. Overall, I am pleased. Being able to enter flight info on the iPhone and then sync it up later is fantastic.

Once you "take the plunge" I would go back and enter all your data into the program.