another high BP question


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I'm going to an ATC hiring thing that will do a 2nd class medical exam onsite, off my meds my BP runs about 150-155/ about 90, I'm 30 so I'm just barely over the limits. My doc is pretty proactive and has me on cardizem LA. Is there anything I should bring with to ensure I don't have any complications? On my meds I'm running about 130/80. Been stressing this for weeks.

My Flight Surgeon

Sr. Aviation Medical Examiner
A current (within preceding 6 months) cardiovascular evaluation by the applicant's attending physician. This evaluation must include pertinent personal and family medical history, including an assessment of the risk factors for coronary heart disease, a clinical examination including at least three blood pressure readings separated by at least 24-hours each, a resting ECG, and a report of fasting plasma glucose, cholesterol (LDL/HDL), triglycerides, potassium, and creatinine levels. A maximal electrocardiographic exercise stress test will be accomplished if it is indicated by history or clinical findings. Specific mention must be made of the medications used, their dosage, and the presence, absence, or history of adverse effects.:)


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what a hassle. I really can't afford the $300 the bloodwork is going to cost. Should I do this before and bring it or just do this after?


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I dont have my FAR's with me but is there certain BP requirments for a first class medical? Thanks