Another FA Fight Returns a UA Flight


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My sister is a FA for United (no love lost) and this sounds like her. Anyone know the FA's involved 1st names?


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Maybe a "you're the captain" discussion. Is this something that could be handled up in cruise? Put the FO on the mask and go back there and tell them to act like adults for a couple more hours.(?)

I assume since one "accidently" bumped into the other that they were up high enough where they were walking around...

I have no idea what the 121 regs, company policies and security protocols say. Just seems like another logical choice rather than divert. Assuming it really wasn't a huge deal like the article makes it sound.


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I've experienced two fights in the last five years.

It happens.

And I know of three stories when pilots went to fisticuffs, fortunately not in the aircraft.