Another CFI program question


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I'm guessing most of the CFI students are those that are enrolled in the Career pilot program. By the time they get to the CFI courses they are extremely proficient in the Seminole and the knowledge of maneuvers and such still fresh.

My question is, how do outsiders do in the program with just studying prior to starting? I would be able to afford a few hours in the Seminole prior to starting, but I'd obviously be no where near proficient as the ATP insiders.
You're going to put in just a bit more studying than the enrolled ATP students you will learn with. But the bottom line is, you're all pretty much in the same boat. Everything is up for grabs on this certificate! Where your extra studying will come into play is with our procedures, policies, profiles, checklists, and general operations and knowledge of the pa-44. Most all ATP enrolled students know these items by now, and should. Again, you're all in the same boat, and should help each other out. There are a lot of study group sessions that go on, and this is highly recommended. CFI school is a fun experience, get the most you can out of it, study hard, tab those FAA publications, and chair fly, chair fly, chair fly! If you possess strong study skills, and your piloting skills are up to par you should have no problem! FYI: Utilize that frasca, whenever possible! Hope that helps, good luck! Cheers! :beer:
im at ATP at LZU right now doing the CFI course... its got its ups and downs. first things first... BE PREPARED! Don't show up having not studied. Know your stuff. have the Vspeeds memorized and alot more!

yes you (and I) have paid tons of money for this but they're not gonna babysit you. which is fine, and their FTD is very helpful procedurally, but a little finicky to fly... its almost counter productive to ACTUALLY fly the thing...

we all know there is more than one way to skin a cat, but as far as ATP is concerned there is only 1. if you dont fly by THEIR book.... you're flying wrong!