With the way the industry is today I am thinking more and more about joining the ANG. I'm 20 and just a freshman this year, but I figure I ought to start gathering up possibilities now. I'm not in ROTC so if I did decide to do this I would have to go through OCS.

Just curious if any of you military guys have any insight into what they are looking for. (i.e. minimum time, that kinda thing)

Also what exactley does OCS entail, I've heard mixed things about it, but the most prevalent review seems to be that it's hell!
Just though I'd throw out the question. Any info is appreciated!
Big thing with ANG is knowing some people in the unit. Noit required, but always helpful. Think of ANG as rushing a fraternity. No hours mins or even pilot license required for any military, but it does help some.

I did OCS. For the active duty military, it's 12 weeks at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. For the ANG, it's 6 weeks at McGhee-Tyson ANGB, Tennessee. Think of it as basic training with leadership/management training thrown in.

Thanks for the info Mike

If I did this I would probably go for the 445th out of Wright-Pat in Dayton, OH. They fly 141s, a very cool lookin airplane I think!

As for the contacts I think I am set there as well. We have a close family friend who is a freshly retired colonel from that wing. Funny story, we were actually visiting him and his wife down in Tucson. Him and I were sitting on the back porch talking about this as a possibility and right then I looked up and watched two A-10s go "bolting" (if ya wanna call it that
) over my head!! Thought about ya when I saw em!

Thanks agian!

C-141 is a pretty cool plane. The reserves and ANG have most of the last of them. In fact, the ANG has the C-model 141s which are retrofitted with glass cockpit.

Great plane, but like the A-10s they're getting old and more and more of them are showing up down here at DM. Think most of them are 1964-1966 models.

You don't have to go through OTS. The last time I checked ROTC had a 2 and a 4 year program. Call up the ROTC detachment located near your school and get some details if you want that as an option.
ROTC is for active duty not ANG. When you go through ROTC you have to sign before you apply for an active duty slot. ANG you apply for a slot and then they send you to OTS for 6 weeks. Besides, you have to spend 6 weeks at OTS even if you go ROTC
Thanks for clearin that up sb...I was just about to ask about that same thing.
I really messed that one up. I went to ROTC for two years then decided to attend USMC OCS. They offered me an air contract before I signed anything, so I thought it was a great deal. In the end I developed a thyroid issue that was not waiverable and lost the ability to take a commision. I wish I would have stayed in the ROTC, kept the medical issues quite, and gone AD AF.