And while I'm in a giving mood


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And while I\'m in a giving mood

Sometimes the most interesting aircraft in airline service are those that are rarely seen, or rarely seen in certain places. The 2004 calendar features a number of such aircraft: a BOAC Comet 4 in transatlantic service; a Cubana Britannia in New York; a National Airlines DC-6 way out of its home territory on an interchange route; and a CSA Tu-104 at Paris Orly, one of only six Tu-104s not operated by Aeroflot. In addition, an Air France L-1649A Connie, Zantop L-188 Electra freighters, Eastern Airlines' pioneering North America use of the Airbus A300, a meeting of a Pan Am 747SP and Air France Concorde, now both ghosts of past glory, a China Airlines 707 on approach to Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport, an Air Canada hub complex with regional airliners and a BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser are led by a wonderfully evocative shot of a TWA 707 framed by the beautiful Saarinen terminal at JFK that perfectly captures the excitement and romance of early jet age air travel.

The 2004 Classic Airliner Calendar Aircraft Featured:
~BOAC Comet 4
~Cubana Britannia
~National Airlines DC-6
~CSA Tu-104
~Air France L-1649A Connie
~Zantop L-188 Electra
~Eastern Airlines Airbus A300
~Pan Am 747SP
~Air France Concorde
~China Airlines 707
~BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser
~TWA 707

Additional Features:
~Original Photos with Descriptive Text
~Key Industry dates
~International Holidays
~Size: 14 x10 (36 x 25cm)

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