..and I was about to give up..


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I decided about a month ago that I was never going to get a flying job. Resumes sent out everywhere and not even a phone call. Here I am 36 years old with an okay teaching job...I guess flying just isn't in the cards for me.

Two weeks ago I got a call from Skyway Airlines to come in for an interview. Freaking out, I spent the next 13 days studying aerodynamics, regulations, etc. etc.... doing fixed card ndb holds and approaches on my MS flight simulator and in the local fbo's Archer....Guess what.. I got a job!!!

Am I excited? Hell yes.. but it is going to mean a huge paycut and a major lifestyle change, and that scares me to death. Nevertheless, it is a dream I have had since I was a child so I am going to take the plunge and hope I can float..

Thank you Doug for starting JetCareers.com... I used your resume layout, went to the Men's Warehouse and followed every suggestion in your job hunting category. Without this website, I am not sure I would have even known where to begin!!


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I've got 1220TT 48 ME

I have friends with more time that didn't even get a call..?? I wonder if it's the college degree, my cover letter, or just dumb luck that got me in the door??


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You only had 48 hours ME? Thats amazing. You know, it would be really great, if you could let us know more about what your experience is. Meaning, what all certs do you have, that kind of thing. Its really inspiring


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I guess I spoke too soon. I had heard through the grapevine I was hired but the letter I recieved today said I was only in the pool. Please think of me in your prayers tonight
Well, at least I'm closer than I was a month ago.


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Hey you're in the pool at least! My husband spent a year swimming in Delta's pool before he finally got a class date. You'll get there!


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What equipement is in their fleet, just 1900C's?
Also what bases do they have? I'm orginally from WI and would love to move back..


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Did you have some connections there? I'm amazed that you got an interview at 1200TT and 48ME. That's super encouraging! But hearing through the grapevine makes me thing there was some resume walking in going on. Not that that's a problem, but as Paul Harvey does, fill us in on "the rest of the story!"


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Outstanding! You're one step closer than a lot of us are.

Best of luck! Consider the prayers said and keep us posted.



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The rest of the story....hmmm.. I wonder if it has to do with my background which I explained in a cover letter. Back when I was 13, a friend of the family took over a small fbo at a small airstrip. I began cutting the grass in exchange for flying lessons as my family did not have the financial resources to support such a habit. I have spent the rest of my life around aviation taking line jobs, washing/waxing airplanes, helping out in the shop removing inspection panels, interiors, etc for the flight schools fleet for 100 hrs and annuals, and just being an airport bum. I made sure that I made it clear that every spare dollar I have had, other than my CFI time, has been used to build hours.

Now, as far as connections...yes, I do know some people in both Skyway and Midwest, but I did not ask them to resume walk. I managed, to my surprise also, to get the interview on my own. I did put one name down on the application as a referal because we had talked in the past about the possibilities of me getting into Skyway. Since the interview, he has gone in to speak as to my character and work-ethic.

I went in knowing I had very limited experience, and it was mentioned during the interview because it will affect the time it could take me to upgrade. I could be sitting as an F/O for a few years, building the experience I need to be comfortable as a captain. I was also asked how I was going to be successful in the training when I will be in the same class with people with much more experience than myself. I think this is another area where it helps to know someone in the company, as I have someone I can study with before I even get into the training classes.

I am sure that the majority of people who visit this site can share this feeling..... being an airline pilot has been a dream of mine since childhood. I wish I could tell you why I got the interview.....I can't help to wonder, even though I am not a deeply religious person, if God is about to hand me a gift. The really hard part now is the wait.... waiting to find out if this dream is going to become a reality.