An ME-Airplane for CFI-A initial T/Os & Landings?


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I was talking to a school the other day about my CFI-A ride and they only have non-complex single engine airplanes (though some have constant speed props). They do have some ME-airplanes.

They claim for the CFI-A you can do the checkride in one of their SE-airplanes that has a constant speed prop, as long as you finish with takeoffs, ladings, and emergency procedures in their ME-airplane.
Page 10 of my CFI-A PTS specfies a complex airplane is required for takeoffs, landings, and emergency procedures. All it specifies is category (airplane) and not class (ME or SE).

Anyone else read that and get you can use an ME-airplane for that portion of your CFI-A?


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Anyone else read that and get you can use an ME-airplane for that portion of your CFI-A?
From FAAO 8710.3D, Designated Pilot Examiner's Handbook:

Chapter 14, section 4, Practical test

A. Required Use of a Complex Airplane.
(1) For the issuance of a flight instructor certificate for a rating in the airplane category, a complex airplane must be used to perform takeoffs,
landings, and emergency operations that are appropriate to complex airplanes.
(2) An applicant for a flight instructor certificate in a single-engine airplane is not allowed to use a complex multiengine airplane for the complex
airplane requirements


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Thanks for the quick response...I knew there had to be something somewhere saying that was not possible...just didn't make a lot of sense.


You mean Shennanigans?!?!
we know, however, that we can count on you for clarification of this wacky stuff....
No kidding. I for one, am really glad that tgrayson is apart of this forum. He has answered many a confusing questions. Thanks T!:nana2:


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Well, you can't count on "sense." The same restriction apparently doesn't apply to the Commercial SE.
We have done this for the commercial singe for a while. Now, the FSDO is starting to gripe about it to another school, so there may be something down the pipe that restricts it from commercial as well.