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Just a few shots from Ames, IA to Mason City, IA along with some pictures of Iowa State University. If anyone has any tips/tricks for shooting aerial stuff let me know, I'm still on the lower part of the learning curve.

A few pictures of Iowa State University




And the most activity we saw on the ground or in the air was this guy and his tractor.

Mesaba at MCW as we were taxiing in
Great photos of my Alma Mater! Was this the setup for VEISHA, or have they not torn down yet? What plane were you in?
Yea, this past week was VEISHEA. We were flying over around 3:30 so they were getting geared up for the weekend. It turned out good this year considering last year it was snowing. I was in 55350 from Hap's.
Great shots! I'm trying to start getting into aerial photography a little bit. One thing I learned, is if you can shoot through an open window, do it. Make sure your camera has some kind of neck strap or something on it.. ;)
Cool photos!

I don't know if all of the Saab's have the faded paint on the nose but I saw one that looked just like that early in the morning yesterday.

I fly over the campus every time I fly home from school and it's pretty nice! In fact I'm making that trip tomorrow :)