American Airlines Video Interview


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Did anyone else get an invite for a video interview with American Airlines this week? My friend who has about 3300 TT and 1000 in the 737 just completed his today so I´m curious how widespread these are and if more will be going out...

Thanks and good luck to everyone.
Several people on APC have reported invites. I have 3 internal recs, no word yet. Seems like mostly military folks with heavy experience at this point. Glad to see people like your friend are also being contacted.

I'm not really sure what to think about the video, honestly I always prefer to meet in person.
I think it's a great idea. In person is always preferable but the economics and logistics of a video interview are way better than dealing with traveling, lodging, food etc...
Because an airline is so poorly suited to handle those logistics?
Thats not the point... Its 2013 and technology kind of makes the hassle of all that superfluous for both parties. Like I said, I too would personally prefer an in-person interview. But this isn't the worst idea a company has ever come up with and more and more companies are conducting interviews like this in the age of 300+ applicants for one job.
The video interview is just step 2 of the process. They further weed out applicants via this and then do a real face to face interview in Dallas if you get past this part.
I was pretty surprised my friend received the invite for this already. He has no TPIC time, doesn't volunteer and no internal recs.