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Was this an ad in a local paper or something? I always wonder why the dirty laundry gets aired in public like this. Then again, if this is the way the 'industry' works then so be it. I worked at NWA during the last pilots strike (worked in the computer room/data center) and if I recall correctly we had the same type of publicity here (Mpls). There was alot of he said,she said going on. The pilot's eventually got most of what they wanted though. Now that I am pursueing the goal of flying as a career, I definetly have a new found respect for the job that you guys do and what you have to put up with.
It was in the Arizona Republic, but I'm not sure (or even confident) that it was in any other newspapers.
It's nice to see ALPA trying to reach the public and I think they need to do more to educate the public about the realities of being a pilot in this day and age.

At the same time, I think most of the folks flying could care less and just want to get from A to B cheaply and on time.

I think pilots have a lot more control over getting from A to B cheaply and on time than management wants to admit. Being nice to your pilots could reap big dividends, but nobody does it this way...except SWA. If pilots perceive that they are being treated fairly and with respect, they will go a lot farther to make the system work efficiently.
Yeah I agree - I don't think mgmt wants to admit how much control the flight crews really have. In the Dash 8 we had 2 cruise power settings - normal and 'Save a Pratt' - our decision on which setting to use was directly related to the amount of BS coming out of company headquarters that week.

SWA's flight attendents are in the middle of negations for their new contract, and they were picketting in front of the terminal at MCO. You should have seen all of the shocked passengers that thought SWA was perfect. We might be a little better as far as working conditions and morale go, but we do have our little squabbles.