Amber Alert for Pilot602

Yeah he's still here. He's just at work right now. Luckily for him he has a full time job; and it's not in aviation so he even gets paid well for it!
work never stopped him before.

I have a full-time job too, but here I am!!

It's all about dedication!!!
Odd. I see it fine. Somebody else had the same problem you are having before and they got it worked out some how. Dunno.
Just added my avatar. Thanks to whoever it was that sent the link to what my hair is going to look like when I get out of the Navy!!!

Go Skullet!
I'm here. Barely.

I was in St. Louis for the past week, got back Saturday and then come Monday (yesterday) I think the trip caught up with me cause I was sick as a dog.

I'm back now. At work. On the boards. And ready to cause trouble!