Also interested in PEA


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Any graduates out there that would like to comment? They have a decent price, but I wonder if it's a decent program?
i did my private in daytona at an fbo (not pea) but i've been over to their facility a few times. i know their prices are really cheap. their planes are older than dirt. mostly 150/152's from what i remember. their student body consists of an extremely large number of foriegn students. as far as quality of instruction, who knows. probably just like anywhere else. depends on the instructor.
Did my private through Multi commercial at PEA. I had a great instructor and I have been told I received good training from other instrucors. All in all I thought it was a good school. Good luck
I did my training there in 2000. My Instructor was Mike Sullivan. He is gone now, but we still keep in touch. I flew the warrior. I never had a problem with there planes and I whent over cost about $1000 dollars which is a lot less than the school I am in now. Hope this helps. I am busy trying to find a CFI job now so I don't check this sight often, but feel free to write me with any more Questions.
Hey Gang,
I officially finished with the PRO III program @ PEA on 7Apr05. Last week they hired me on as an instructor. If you have any questions about PEA, let me know. Good Luck!

Hey - what do you know of the airline internship course they offer in connection w/simcenter in Miami?
I think it's overpriced but still - you know anyone who's done it?? Are they successful now or been blackballed by the industry as everyone here seems to think would happen?