Allergies plus something else?


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Hey Doc,

I have been dealing with allergies, mostly seasonal, for my entire life, and always been able to effectively deal with it using first prescription claratin, and now over the counter. Unfortunatly this year the sun finally came out, and my allergies seem to be worse than ever. Along with the congestion and constant sneezing I have developed a bit of wheezing and constant dry cough. The rain has come back again, the congestion and sneezes are gone, but I still feel a bit restricted in the airway, coughing regularly, and feel like my head is going to explode with every cough.

So my question is, is this all allergy related, or have I developed some other issue?

And second, this has me considering my first trip to the doctor (other than a local AME) for the first time since becoming a pilot. Anything in particular I need to watch out for when it comes to a MD who does not have experience in dealing with faa approved meds and Aviation medical procedures? I have a fear of him/her prescribing or diagnosing something that could keep me grounded (no work = no $) for a while, or worse something that could put my medical certificate in jeopardy.

1) I do not know if it is allergy related without examining you.
2) Stay away from seadating antihistamines. Nasal steroids, non-sedating antihistamines and inhalers are ok except a diagnosis of asthma will require you submit some information (including a pulmonary function test) to the FAA.
It sounds a lot like my experience over the last 3 years. My diagnosis was chronic sinusitus and rhinitis with nasal pollups. My allergist referred me to a ENT who did a CT scan and chose Endoscopic Sinus Surgery as the best option after striking out with medical treatments.

Even if you don't need surgery I'd bet a course of prednisone and Allegra, along with Nasonex and Neil Med Sinus rinse everyday would do wonders for you (Neil Med is off-the-shelf and is a must-have for anyone with sinus issues).