Alaska Airlines - "we know about this"


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Kudos to Alaska for having a sense of humor and a pair to back it up, unfortunately in this day and age of CYA you'd be nuts to assume Joe Weekend Warrior, PPL extraordinaire or Mrs. Soccer Mom-Tightlywound isn't going to see this and freak out about how unsafe the Air Alaskas is and they'll never fly them again, all the while seeking 15min of overhyped media glory.


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Great way to document! Love preflighting my jet and counting the number of "No FOD" circles around missing fasteners... At least this one is humorous.


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The comments are pretty funny at the bottom of the article. I get the humor but don't think it'd be worth risking my job to write that.


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Meh... Same thing as an "ERA sticker" for the most part when there's a big dent in the fuselage.

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I get what the person was trying to do. What's funny is that the average person would have seen it, and probably not have give it a second thought if it didn't have the text there.


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It's a legal permanent repair per Boeing and Alaska's Engineering. MX just gets tired of having to get called out at every station by the rampers doing their post flight walk arounds.


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It looks like a lightning strike that was cut out of the flap... I wonder what it really was.


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I love that people say they are uncomfortable about flying on a plane like that, while they have NO actual idea about what the part/piece does.

Something is missing that's approved by company manuals? NOT UH, I AINT GETTIN ON DAT JET, YALL CRAZY

I hate that Alaska is even apologizing for this, when there's nothing to apologize about.


The apology makes them look stupid. Tell the customers to shut up and get off the plane and leave maintenance to the airline.