Airtran to set up shop in DFW


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A recent article announces that Airtran will take on AA/DL in DFW making a mini hub there. Any thoughts?
They're going to most likely clean our clock in DFW, just like SWA in MCO.
Lets hope not. Theyll have more to deal with in DFW than in MCO. Going against AA/DL isnt going to be easy. I think the majors are finally getting back into the offensive mode. THis based on recent releases about going after LCC. Ive noticed many many many major airline commercial on my TV here, i havent seen these in a long time.

On the other side of the coin, theyve been pretty succesful on the east coast pretty much everywhere.
Rock on AirTran! nice to get a easy nonrev seat Dallas!

[/ QUOTE ]

"Easy", "Non-Rev" and "Dallas" do not deserve to be in the same sentence!

At least not between DFW-ATL.

Something about people having a choice between pulling out their fingernails with visegrips, or commuting between DFW and ATL -- then taking a while to think about it!