Airport operations agents


hen teaser
Wow, sounds pretty tough.
I think 90% of the people on JC could do it, and the 10% who couldn't would just get fired because no one would want to spend 10 hours alone with them LOL. It is a good gig for any one here who's looking at a furlough, I guarantee they'll at least interview furloughed airline pilots at most ramp towers. They're a high turn over job in most cases, so they're used to people leaving for better jobs. It can't hurt and it's a ton of fun. Only a handful of airports have busy stressful ramp towers, they're usually very laid back and only get busy during traffic banks. The vast majority only do ramp traffic and no FIDS\terminal ops stuff. Those don't pay as much, but are easier jobs to get that any pilot could do.

But yeah for someone with no aviation experience at all, it'd be like me showing up to a software engineer gig not knowing how to code and trying to learn on the job LOL. Aviation is a culture\language of sorts, really.