Airlines largest in layoffs...


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OK. I've posted a few on this site and like the atmosphere for the most part. Now I need some sound advice..

I am retiring from the military (enlisted) next May and I wanted to persue a carrer as a prof pilot with perhaps the regionals. I heard today that not only is the unemployment rate at 8% but leading the charge are the Airlines..... I know this is a choice that only I can make but I'd like to get some other views..... I'll be 39 next year when I retire and really want to fly for a living. I know the first few years will be tough as far as pay but I'm willing to rough it.

Any words of encouragement???

Well, not going to sugar coat it, the airlines are hurting right now.. But the operative word is NOW. Eventually this will all turn around and the airlines will start hiring again. As Doug says often, the airline industry is extremely cyclical.

If we were to believe the media on their take on the economy and jobless situation, we'll all starve to death before it improves. Obviously that's not the case. So, yes there are alot of people who are "gunning" for an airline job, but I believe those that can offer the best all around package are the ones who are going to get the jobs. Have a good attitude, work hard, and you'll have no problems getting in somewhere...

Hawk, I'm retired Navy Enlisted and working on my ratings. My plan is to maintain my current job and do most my flying in the evenings and weekends. PM me if you want my take on training. I'm currently going the FBO route. It might take awhile but it is alot cheaper.
Thanks for the offer. I shy away from a PM due to the fact that the info you may pass to me may be helpful to someone else down the line. Hopefully, you'll still share your info..

I too have thought about staying in my job (as a civ) when I retire but flying at night and on weekends will take too long for me. I turn 39 this year and have one more left with Uncle Sam. I basically have to say, quit playing around, get the key loan, and just do it. I can rely on my retirement pay to pay the mortgage and will probably take in a roomate or 2 to supplement that meager instructors pay...