Airline Weight Restriction

I've seen some pretty overweight looking pilots. I think it depends on the airline. I kind of get the impression that American won't let you in if you are as much as 1 pound overweight, even if its 1 pound of muscle. They seem to have a huge stick up their ass when it comes to medicals. As far as airlines in general I'm not sure.

Anyone know? I'm kind of curious about this subject myself.
like flyguy said.. I'v seen some really really fat short pilots also... but i think u age has to do with it.... I'm don't think their are going to hire someone who is young and puggy cuz their only going to get puggeir as they get older... so... their are weight restrictions.. but each airline has it's on rule/ policy on every thing..

" once I was watching this Captain, FO,and FA walking towards their RJ, from the gate door.. well the Captain was really short and fat( well for a Pilot he was the widest I'v seen)..
This Capt was walking so slow, the FO and FA just kept walking( at a normal pace past him) . Well they got to the RJ and started doing their thing... Well the Captain was still walking toward the RJ .. was his baggage to heavy ??? he got to the plane and just stood their with his luggage standing, watching the FO do the Pre flight inspection. He looked like he was trying to catch his breath or something.. i mean he was standing their for like 10 min doing nothing drinking coffee and just standing their.. with his elbow over a rail looking at people ..
The FO finished this Inspection and went back to the capt and they talked.
The FO went into the aircraft to do his paper work( i saw it all) and the Captain was just standing their looking at people still doing nothing then decided I go get into the aircraft now when people started comming out. He was so slow getting up the steps too.. he got the steps and put his Luggage down and then took them into the RJ one by one..
I don't know how he was able to fit in that RJ.
I said to my mother who was watching as well.. wow.. that guy needs some Viagra.. or something "

Is it fair for the Capt to let the FO do all the work and just stand their??? ... . Isn't their a point where the airline will just say, " Hey men ur getting to big for this aircraft" u need to loose some weight or else we'll put u on a desk job or give u a pink slip... does it happen?? cuz some cockpits are already cramped up.. i felt sorry for that FO.. the only time he looked joyful was when he was chatting with the female FA. ( sorry for the long post)
Thanks guys. Im 18, 6'0" and 250 lbs. If you look at me I don't look much different from the average male who doesn't thrive for washboard abs just. lots of the weight I gained is muscle in my legs which is why most people guess my weight to be 200. good for tricking people at the carnival and winning prizes =o. Well at least there will be a gym in the dorm at college so I can start working on this.
The airlines want someone that's going to look good in their uniform.

I'd HIGHLY suggest going into an interview as close to being in shape as possible, get the job, get off probation and re-equalize to your normal operating weight.

I got hired at Delta when I was about 165 lbs, then I got lazy, sloppy and 'ballooned' up to 195 lbs. Then I took last summer to get back into the low 170's again.

Notice you don't see many elderly heavy people? The airlines recognize this as well so do your best to get/stay in shape.
If the captain was so overweight, how did he get his FAA medical? Isn't there a weight:height limit?
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Isn't there a weight:height limit?

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There's no height/weight limit for the FAA, but believe you me, that rotund captain was probably trim and slim during the interview and the probation process.
What about under weight pilots? I'm a 5' 7" male and weigh in at about 125. Will I have problems getting a job with an airline or in getting a 1st class medical?
5'7" and 125? you need to go visit my mom in California for a week, you'll have no problem picking up some weight!

More seriuosly, you shouldn't have a problem at all.
Is a person's actual weight a factor in the hiring process, or is it how they look in an uniform? Right now I am 250lbs and 5'11" with a larger build, most people guess my weight to be less. I would think that if a person who is overweight but is in shape, and can pass a medical, the weight shouldn't be a too much of a factor in getting a job. Also, are the majors more picky with weight then the regionals, or vice versa?

Hey Doug,
I was just wondering what you did to drop that 20lbs or so? I could stand to lose that much, if not more... /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif