Airline Tuition Reimbursement


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I was wondering if any airlines offered reimbursement of tuition expenses incurred to be an airline pilot--kind of like how law firms or finance companies will reimburse an employee's educational loans if hired?
Let's see... Thousands of airline pilots out of work. I don't think incentive programs are needed to lure people into the industry.
Sorry to semi-hijack this thread, but seemed like a logical place for this question.

It's a given that an airline won't pay back your loans, but a lot of companies give their employees an allowance to take college courses. Is this something that airlines do as well? Again I'm saying after you're hired and working for the company, and want to take additional course work (i.e. an MBA).


There are some programs like that, but I don' tthink they're meant for hard core degrees or anything other than a few courses.

I'm not sure of the particulars of the program at Delta or even if it still exists or not.
I think you'd be more likely to find something like this in corporate aviation than the airlines. Our company has such a program open to employees, as do most larger corporations. Whether they'd approve it for me, I'm not certain, but I would guess they would if it held some demonstrable benefit for the job. (Possible example would be if the CP retired, they wanted me to take the job, and I wanted some management courses or an MBA.)

In a way, flying jobs do this, though. My company pays for two trips a year to Simuflite or SimCom for recurrent training. Ask doctors and lawyers about continuing education ... they have to do it, and it is often paid for by the employer. It's a very similar thing to recurrent training for aviators.

I know FedEx has something like a $3500 tuition reimbursement deal. SWA has a couple of scholarships for employees and their kids for around $2500 (no guarantee deal, though), and there was a scholarship for flight training in 2002, but they didn't do it in 2003. Other than that, not sure. Sea World and Universal have tuition reimbursement, though.
Right now I am working for Citi, and we have tuition reimbursement 80% up to $5,000 a year for any degree when it is undergraduate, but it must be field related for any post graduate degree.
Virgin Atlantic has tuition a reimbursment program, called TAP. I believe you have to be a full time employee and with the company for a year. You get 100% back for an A, 75% for a B and 50% for a C. Seems like a good deal, I'm hoping to use it in sept, but I'm not full time so we'll see.