Airline Apps driving record question


displaced Texan
I'm new to all of this and in filling out the driving infraction page it asks for all driving infractions including all infractions involving payment of fines, court appearances, and/or assessed penalties.

The question I have is that I got pulled over several years ago and didn't have proof of insurance. I honestly cannot remember if I got an actual citation or a warning and it's not showing up on my record since it only goes back 3 years. I just remember calling my insurance company and they took care of it. Also several years ago I got a written warning (not an actual citation) issued for having a burnt out license plate light. I'm assuming these are considered driving infractions. I had to research to find out exactly what that means (moving violations would have been a much better choice of wording IMHO).

Neither of these involved any kind of fine or court appearance since they're very minor in nature. Honesty is my policy so I feel like I should be upfront about everything, even if it doesn't show up on a driving record.