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I'm applying for an airline... Yeah, yeah, no snickering. I know it's unheard of for an a[n] 'eathen (that's "a heathen" for @Boris Badenov) such as I.
Anyway, since there shall be no levity in an aviation forum, here's the question.
They ask on the app "do you have a 'basic gas turbine (BGT)' rating?"
What am I to make of this?
Does this simply mean, "do I have a type rating in an airplane with a turbine engine?" Or does it mean do I have a type rating in a pure (turbojet) jet aircraft? Or is it something else completely? Or is there no such thing as a BGT and this is simply a distractor question as part of a psych profile to detect whether or not I'm telling the truth?
Help. I'm so confused. (no surprise there, right?)
And remember when reading this and considering answering: timeliness is next to godliness.
Thank you.
If it's the same sort of app that FedEx and Southwest use they ask you about all sorts of things that you probably don't have (like Shuttle landings and U2 time). As far as I know a BGT rating is something we don't have in the States. It's issued in Australia or New Zealand or someplace like that.

Don't overthink these applications or you will go crazy.
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What Bob said.'re doing WHAT? Which one? I didn't know any took people like us.

Yeah. Exactly. That's precisely why I'm trying to suss out this psych profile and figure out whether I have to put on my false teeth and seed corn hat, or my Yves St. Laurent tie and knickers.

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What Bob said.'re doing WHAT? Which one? I didn't know any took people like us.

Yeah, it's AA. I was considering greeting the interviewers with, "Hi, my name is Fritz... and I'm a pilot. Oh, sorry. Wrong meeting."
I only have an advanced gas turbine rating. I skipped the basic. I also got the instrument gas turbine rating, the fusion turbine rating, as well as the antimatter propellant rating, my suborbital [redacted] engine checkride is pending given the gov't shutdown.
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