AirForce Reserves


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About two years ago, I had requested info from the airforce reserves with interest in joining and hopefully getting help from them in paying for the remainder of my college and flight training. Now I am talking about the reserves, and not full-time stuff. I really dont know what to expect because from what I've heard, the military sometimes BS you into joining in which you might regret later on down the road (atleast this is what I've heard from some friends that I have who are or were in the military). If anyone has experience or is very familiar with the way it all works out, your help will very much be appreciated.
Have you tried looking in the military forums?

There are plenty of Reserves, Reserves versus ANG, Reserves versus Active Duty posts.

I think it has been covered plenty deeply there.
Lesson #1: it's "Air Force" (2 words), not "airforce".

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Duhhhh!!!! I knew that........