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Hi All,

I recently got a job as an Aircraft Fueler for an international airport. I am expected to start by the end of August due to background checks, orientation, training, etc. Since I am still in the background stage, I didn't receive much information regarding what to expect on a normal work day. Has anyone ever worked as a fueler? I have no background in airplanes or anything like that.

I did some research online and gathered the following information:
-Most people enjoy the job. However, I noticed that the ones that enjoy it most have a passion in avaiation.
-Can be physically demanding. I read that the hose can weigh 100 pounds and it is difficult to drag it from the cart to the airplane. Is this true? According to the job requirements for the fueler position I applied to, it states frequent lifting of 50-70 pounds.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can get some insider tips and tricks.
I worked as a fueler but not at a big airport. It's a great job if you like being around aircraft. You'll be out in the weather but being at the airport and being a part of making those big planes fly beats flippin' burgers.
I worked my way through college doing line service at a big FBO up in Seattle. It was hard work, but I absolutely loved it.

It doesn't really require much hands on background in aircraft to do -- they should give you lots of OJT and you'll probably be working with other guys who can help you learn the ropes. The fuel truck hoses are heavy, but not that big of a deal -- I worked with several females who were able to handle the hoses (sts) just fine.

Realize that your job will involve some tasks with great responsibility, both with respect to safety of people and aircraft, as well as taking care of aircraft that are extremely expensive. You can't afford to be sloppy or careless, or you may damage an airplane or hurt someone/yourself.

I learned a ton at that job about aircraft and the aviation business.
Probably one of the best jobs I've had, as far as one I just really enjoyed waking up and going to work each day, was working the line at a decent sized class C airport with a heavy mix of airline, freight, corporate, charter, and flight training.

Things would get crazy busy at times, but it was fun to be around all the different aircraft and talking to all the different people. Other than the occasional arrogant ass hat corporate jet pilot it's fun to be around people who loved being where they were that day and who appreciated your work. You dont encounter that atmosphere in most work places.

Where I worked we also had a really close knit group of guys working there and most of us were room mates and partied together after work and most were aviation nerds and aspiring professional pilots, so it was more of a lifestyle than a job.