Air Traffic Control - Medical Certificate. Possible for me?


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I am wondering if I am eligible to become an Air Traffic Controller. When I was a young kid I had OCD pretty bad. I tried out a few different medications and none worked. The last medication I took, and the medication that helped with curing me was Lexapro. Now I have no symptoms or anything of OCD and I've been "clinically cured" of it. I'm no longer on any medicines of any kind, and I have been off of Lexapro for around a year now. For about 2 years I was on Lexapro I was on a VERY Small dosage (10MG), my doctor said that the dosage I was on was probably doing nothing for me so I might as well just get off the medication. I did and I'm doing fine. So I really haven't had OCD at all for probably around 3+ years, although I was on the small dosage for a while.

Last year I worked for my local Airport and began the journey of training to get my Private Pilots License (PPL). Thats the time when I found I needed to get off the meds and all of that to get my 3rd Class Med. Certificate.
I went in to get the Physical for that medical certificate and I was denied or put on hold until I provided more information about my past problems with OCD. Well to make a long story short I provided a sum of my whole medical record to the proper people and I recieved my 3rd Class Medical Certificate.

Now to my question-- I want to become an Air Traffic Controller. I've wanted to do that since my early High School days. I'm now in college and looking to transfer to an ATC school. However I dont know if I am eligible to become an Air Traffic Controller because of my past, even though I'm symptom free and clinically cured.

Will I be able to get the proper Medical Certifications to become an Air Traffic Controller?

(Sorry for making this post so lengthy and run-on. If you need additional information let me know!!)

-Thank you, Max
Re: Air Traffic Control - Medical Certificate. Possible for

You should be able to. On the 8500-8, just report the problem and note "previously reported, no change" Make a comment that all records were previously forwarded to AMCD.