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This may be a stupid question, but I don't know the answer....

Can a Canadian join the Canadian armed forces and then do their training (government funded) in the U.S??

Any info appreciated.

Possibly, look into the EURONATO program at Sheppards Field in TX. If you graduate from there your pretty much on a direct track for fighters since they fly T-37 and then transition straight to the T-38. Word of caution; the attrition rate is higher because the program is faster paced and more demanding than the standard UPT program. From what I have heard, no real experience in it.
I actually went through ENJJPT. Unfortunately at the time, we didn't have any Canadian students, nor had they for a long time. Every once in a while they get a Canadian instructor, but no students.

As far as being more difficult.....maybe in a few aspects. As with everything, there were advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you get a fighter (if you want one). There are a couple bombers per class, but that is nothing set in stone. You also get a little more flight time in ENJJPT because there are no full-motion simulators. Disadvantages are that there is a little bit more politics there, Sheppard will be the last training base to get the T-6 and the T-38C. Also, if you don't want fighters, you're plum out of luck. Sheppard was a good place to be stationed though and overall was an awesome experience.

Thanks for the info, I checked out the EURONATO website and it looked pretty cool. But what I meant to ask was whether I could do my flight training in the U.S after I had served in the Canadian air force?

Any info appreciated.

Are you refering to civilian training then. That would be up to the individual schools and their agreement with the Canadian Air Force. I can't answer that in a broad sense because some might and some might not.

Let me know if what you're trying to do is join the Canadian Forces, attend pilot training in the US, then fly for the CF again. I thought that's what you meant the first time. Like I said, it may be possible, but VERY unlikely (speaking of ENJJPT). They may have allowed Canadians to attend regular pilot training in the US, but I haven't heard of it yet. I've got a couple buddies that are UPT instructors. I'll ask around. A couple of my friends are at ENJJPT also, so I'll ask what the possibilities are now in case things have changed.

I know that sometimes there are Canadian exchange programs. In the acquisition community, we exchanged officers quite a bit, where a Canadian engineer would do a tour in the US working on joint-use projects. I have also heard of exchanges where they have RAF pilots flying American aircraft, so I assume that they have similar exchanges with RCAF pilots. But, I think these exchanges occur after initial pilot training.

I know that the RCAF has their own pilot training programs, so I can't imagine that they would be willing to pay the US government money to send someone to the US for pilot training (aside from ENJJPT) when they have their own domestic program.