Air Force pilot committment


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I have been reading about the committment time for air force pilots after completing UPT. It is currently 10 years. My question is, is that can you fly for the ANG or reserves for that committment time or does it have to be with the Air Force only. The reason why Im asking is because I went to an airshow where this F-16 pilot flew for the ANG on weekends and then United Airlines during the week. Thanks.
I do believe that the time commitment is the same for Guardsmen and Reservists along with the Active duty AF, if that is what you are referring to.
However, if you are on active duty when you incur the 10-year commitment, you may not be released to go to the Reserves or National Guard until that commitment is up.

Of course that rule is also always cyclical and waiverable depending on the times...
According to a buddy of mine that flies herc's for the ANG, his commitment was 6 years after UPT was complete. At least that is what I thought I heard.
Check the website. I remember it being 10 years now.

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It's now 10 years after finishing UPT, so about 11 years of a career.

The old Palace Chase program whereby one can get off active duty before their committment and fly the rest of their committment 2 for 1 in the Guard or Reserve has been dead as of late. Manpower shortages and the needs of the military have just haven't allowed for it in a number of years.

What about AFROTC? same commitment or the normal same as the years spent in college?

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The pilot committment is based upon finishing USAF pilot training. The standard committment for just finishing ROTC or OTS (and being a non-rated officer) should still be 4 years.