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I've heard that US based pilots are allowed to jumpseat on Air Canada. Any truth to this? Is this only allowed on Canada to the US flights and vise versa or Canada to other parts of the world?

I'm just guessing here, but if they have a reciprocal agreement with your airline, it shouldn't be an issue.
Shouldn't be a problem if you have an agreement with them. Just keep in mind that on flights between the US and Canada (and the other way around) you'll need to have an actual cabin seat. I have no idea about intra Canada flights.
I can tell you their name is on the list of CASS carriers in the CASS system that gate agents use. So I suppose if you're in CASS you can?
Talk to Seggy as he has first hand experience.

Here in Canada, we don't have a "Cass" system. For people that jumpseat on Jazz/AC they have to fill out a jumpseat coupon, which the captains (and sometimes FOs) carry with them. The captain will check your ID. I think there's a number you have to call to list yourself on a flight first, and this will allow you to check-in when you arrive in order to get a standby boarding pass so you can go through security.

When I fly on Jazz/AC, I book myself through our employee travel site, so I have never used the jumpseat system, although I have had US pilots on our flights (I had a Republic pilot not too long ago, and Seggy jumped with us as well).

You cannot sit in the jumpseat itself either, a seat in the back has to be open.
I think this is the number to call in order to list yourself as a jumpseater: 1-800-413-1113
I think this is the number to call in order to list yourself as a jumpseater: 1-800-413-1113

Like Chris said, that's the number. You just have to make sure your airline has a reciprocal agreement. I jumpseat on AC and Jazz to and from Toronto. You guys treat me great and I actually prefer riding on Air Canada or Jazz before my own company.

Also, that number will only work at certain business hours so be aware of that.