AIM Chat

Heeeere I come (as MarshCFII).

I'm having wireless router issues though. If I disappear without saying goodbye, thats why.
come on people lets get in. theres only four of us....


in your browser address bar, like where you'd type a website address
it's just not happening . . . don't know why--tried it on both Internet Explorer and this Aviant Browser, crappy computer
go into your buddy list and:
click 'people'
click 'send chat invitation'

enter your screen name in the 'invite' box
enter 'jetcareers' in the room box.

you should then go right into the room. I had the same problem when entering the link into my address bar. good luck and let me know if it works
"Oh Oh Oh, it's Magic . . . you know!"

went to the send invite thing before, never thought to put my on sn in there.

Homer -- "Doh!"