Ah the joys of flight!


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Hi gang, and no that title wasn't spoused to be sarcastic. I just went up in a light aircraft for like the first time in 6 years or so. I had bought a good friend a 'intro flight' as a graduation / birthday present to give him an idea of what I'll be doing down at FSA for 14 months or so. Got a Piper Warrior so I could ride along in the back. The lift off was such a rush, and at that very moment I grinned and thought to myself 'oh this is why I want to be a pilot!' It was a fairly windy day and was bumping around a bit but I was loving every bit of it, the city turns into what looks like a model city and it's just you and the clouds up there, it was totally cool.

Just thought with all the negative stuff that's been circulating I thought I'd a bit of the feel good stuff which I believe in the end makes it all worth while! Hang in there guys, if you put your mind to it you can acomplish anything!
Great stuff!