AGI written. Same as FIA written?


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Does one test count for the other, or do both need to be taken if I want to get the AGI done?

Is there something online for free, like has, for the AGI test (if it is different than FIA).

Also, it would seem that with AGI, the required ground instruction for becoming a CFI could be taught (assuming one held that AGI for long enough for the 200hrs in 24months thing). If I could teach myself, would I have to log training as specified in the FAR, again, being able to teach those subjects?

no the AGI is a different test/rating. in order to be an AGI you need to take that test along with the FOI, test there is no check ride, you just go to the FSDO and hand in your scores and are good to go.

Some pople will claim you will have a little better of a ride for your CFI if you have your AGI already. I don't know if that is true.

I did the AGI, just because I took the four writtens the same day. CFI, COMM, AGI, FOI, and I didn't want them to expire, as I was unsure If I wanted to take the CFI ck ride or not. .... I chose not and let that one test expire.
Ok, well is it the same questions then?

Every reference I can find, puts ground/flight into one book. So it would seem the AGI test and the FIA test, could be the same. Is that correct, or is there additional stuff I'd have to study for the AGI written?

I already have the FOI and understand how to get the rating with the two test. Just don't see the point in doing the same test twice, so I am really wondering what the difference is between the writtens titled AGI and FIA.

Both tests come from the same question pool, however there are 10 or so more questions on the AGI test. If you get one of those red Gliem books, it breaks it down for you and the extra AGI questions are listed in the back of the book. IF you are doing your CFI there really is no reason to get the AGI, you don't need it! I think most people just get it for the sake of getttting it and you have already studdied all the questions so its really just a matter of giving up some more money.
You only need a ground certificate if you want to teach a dedicated, groundschool under 141. Otherwise, it's just more money for priviliges already granted/covered by the CFI/II/MEI, etc.