After 6 years, got a class date again


Squawking 7600
I have been away from American Eagle for 6 years now (1y military, 5y voluntary leave). I spent a year in Afghanistan, 3 years at an international training academy, and the past two years running (and buying) a flight school. I will be starting Indoc for the ERJ-145 on October 30th. Look forward to learning some flows!
My wife is going to run the flight school. I spend this year teaching her everything.
Congrats and thank you for your service, Sub!
I assume that sales will atleast triple and overhead cut in half now that your wife is running the show?:D
Going to Dallas on the ERJ-145. I was able to choose any status I could hold. I almost wanted to go to Miami because I would have bid #1 or 2 but just too far from California.
How is bidness in the flight school area these days? Things sure seem quiet in the GA world at airport around ATL.
Looks like a great school man! I'm too far away to rent but might have to do an XC up to Chandler sometime to say hi!
Well, I was rushed to the ER last night and turns out I have an infamed gall bladder that is coming out in a few hours. Now I need to look at the process to have myself cleared with both the FAA and AEA.