AFOQT studying


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I am scheduled to take the AFOQT in March. I will be going before boards this spring and summer for the first time. I am a graduating senior in college (Political Science), and a PPL trainee (14hrs--to be completed around May). I am also a SrA in the ANG.

I am studying for the AFOQT with Arco's Military Flight Aptitudes Test book. Do I need to study for every section with an emphasis on those for the Pilot composite score--or can I just study the sections used for the Pilot composite score and ignore the sections not used for the Pilot composite. Looking for ways to budget my time.

Any assistance is greatly appreciative!
Windchill, I can't offer any advice on the AFOQT but have seen some discussion on it over at in the military section...
Study them all. That's what I've been told. Are you a PPL? IF you are, you'll be able to answer pretty much everything on the Pilot & Nav sections with ease. Getting ready to take it myself...and go in front of the boards....
I took the AFOQT last fall. I used a different book to study, but they are all the same. You need to practice everything. With a PPL the flying stuff will be cake. The hard thing about the AFOQT is not the questions, its the time. You have to answer as many questions as possible really fast. The only way to be ready is to practice all the test sections. The actual test I took was actually a good bit different than the questions in the book so be prepared. You also don't loose out for guessing so try to fill in everything you can.
Good luck with the QT. I am sure that you will do fine. Remember that the board is looking for someone that they feel will be a leader and a team player. You are an officer first, second to your job. The AF wants folks that are well rounded, easily trained, and are there for the right reasons. The fact that you are already in the ANG is a bonus. Any letters of recommendation that you can get from your chain of command will enhance your package. Focus on each aspect of the test, but make sure that you ace the flying portion to ensure that you can get a rated slot.
I got the study guide too -mine only has sections on the AFOQT for Verbal, Arithmetic, Reading Comp., Data INterpretation, Word Knowledge, and Math knowledge...nothing about flying stuff - did I get a bad study guide?
Not necessarily, I just glanced over the aviation sections and have been working on the academic sections in the mean time.

From glancing over the aviation sections, it looks pretty straight forward for a person that has been flying.

You may want to look around, visit bookstores, look for the books with the other sections, flip through it, and if you think it may prove to be more helpful, go ahead and pick it up.
The AFOQT is a little bit shorter now. It is now only 12 subtests as apposed to the 16 subtests it used to be. They have eliminated the electrical maze, general science maybe, and I think scale reading, reading comprehension, and mechanical comprehension. They have added a personality section as the last part of the test ( the longest too) but it doesn't count against your score. I just took this test in April and am meeting the pilot board Monday morning. Just so you know, Math is now part of the pilot composite so brush up those skills to keep that score high. Good luck!
study everything...the new test is shorter. Check out for the lowdown.

When I studied It i started about two weeks prior and took a practice test every morning...graded it and then in the afternoon just did specific questions on the areas I did poorest on. I ended up scoring in the 90's on every section.