AFOQT question


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Hey guys, I am joining AFROTC here at ASU and was just getting ready for the military flight aptitude test. I was just wondering what you thought of it if you've taken it. I just bought the Military Flight Aptitude Test study book and just wanted to here some thoughts on what you thought of the test. I am going to be taking the AFOQT test.



Everything you'll need is in that book.

Pay special attention to the Table Reading. The chart they give you in the test is laminated and the reflected light makes it a little more difficult.

PRACTICE like you're going to play. Time yourself. Use copies of the answer sheet. Change the order of tests you take so you're less likely to memorize the answers.

Remember, you can not use a calculator on the test. Brush up on Algebra and Geometry.

Kill it the first time so you don't need to risk taking it again.

Finally, don't suck.
Good luck.